I specialize in documenting youth programs and producing compelling visual narratives


"Five of Us" written and performed by Lashaunycee O'cain otherwise known as kidLIO or LIO.

Shot and edited for LIO.

Accessing Creative Technology with LIT (2019)

Short documentary produced for Arts Corps. Extended feature is in production.

Festa: BREAKTHROUGH (2019)

Breaking through personal and systemic barriers to creativity, self-realization, and arts education.

Produced for Arts Corps’ annual fundraiser

La Festa del Arte: Together We Rise (2018)

We Build. We Persist. We Resist. Together We Rise.

Produced for Arts Corps' annual fundraiser.

Arts Liberation & Leadership Institute [ALLI] Stories (2017)

These short video portraits show each artists' process and development throughout the course of the one-week intensive arts program.

Produced for Arts Corps.

#FestaNEXT: The NEXT World Changers (2017)

Supporting Arts Corps’ programs is not only an investment in arts skills, but an investment in our NEXT leaders, our NEXT creative workforce, and our NEXT artist organizers to lead systemic change.

Produced for Arts Corps' annual fundraiser.

Program & Event Photography